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Application Process

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For eligible faculty and staff, submit your application for each academic year starting on April 1. Applications received after the start of the school year could delay the receipt of your authorization letter and may impact your child's ability to register for classes on time. If you have not yet reached your five year service requirement, please submit your initial application on or after your anniversary date.

Application Instructions

For benefits-eligible faculty and staff, including SLAC, follow the online application steps below.

For retirees, emeriti, VA employees, and/or beneficiaries of deceased employees, follow the paper application instructions on the Application Process for Retirees, Emeriti, VA Employees, and Beneficiaries of Deceased Employees.

1. Complete the TGP Application Online

Submit your application using the TGP Portal in the “Employee Center” within Axess

  1. Log in to Axess/Employee Center/Benefits/Tuition Grant Program
    • Follow the link below to securely sign on to Axess
    • In Axess, click the “Employee Center” link
    • Within the Employee Center, navigate to the “Benefits” section
    • Select the “Tuition Grant Program” box
    • Follow the prompts and on-screen instructions to complete your application
  2. Close all open browsers and begin a fresh independent Internet session
  3. Recommended browser: Firefox. Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers are not recommended
  4. Only have one Firefox browser session open at a time during the application process

Look ahead at the application. Be ready with required information and documents before you start filling out the application. The online application must be completed in one session. You won’t be able to save it and return to complete it later. Only PDF documents may be uploaded.

Log into Axess to submit TGP application

2. Upload/Attach Required Dependent Documentation

If this is your first TGP application for a particular child, you will be required to provide dependent relationship documentation with your application.

Once a child is substantiated, you don’t have to repeat this step again during the child’s entire TGP participation.

Note: Additional documentation may be required prior to approval by the TGP Administrator.

3. Submit the Completed Application

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. At this time your application is in “Review.”

4. Send the Authorization Letter to the School

  • Once your application is approved, you will be notified via email by the TGP.
  • Return to the TGP Portal in Axess to print/save the Authorization Letter for the school, and the Parent Memo for you.
  • The Authorization Letter notifies the school that your child is enrolled in the Tuition Grant Program, verifies that payment from Stanford is guaranteed, and gives instructions on how to invoice Stanford directly for each term. It is your responsibility* to send the letter to the “Third Party Billing” person/department at your child's school. This is very important.

To obtain the Authorization Letter, navigate to the TGP portal in Axess and click on "Approved" in the red box. The authorization letter is located towards the lower right side of the page.

*Exceptions: The Authorization Letter instructions do not apply to you, if:

1. Your child is attending Stanford University

  • It is the TGP department’s responsibility to notify Stanford’s Financial Aid Office that your child is enrolled in TGP.


2. Your TGP benefit is taxable

  • Please do not send the Authorization Letter to the school since they will not be invoicing us. Your child's school will invoice you and then TGP will reimburse you.

Learn more about tuition payments and tax implications

5. Reapply Every Academic Year

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the UHR Service Team or submit a help ticket

Application Process

Other Important Application Tips

  • Incomplete applications will be returned. This can delay receipt of your authorization letter which may delay payment of tuition.
  • Include the required dependent documentation, such as birth or marriage certificates or tax returns when you submit your application.
  • It is important to include your child’s student ID number on the application or provide it at soon as possible so it is listed on their TGP authorization letter. 
  • If your child wants to attend a foreign institution, be sure to check with the TGP to confirm that the schools you are considering are eligible foreign institutions.

Study Abroad Program Tips

  • Programs abroad differ from school to school and are usually administered through your child's current school.
  • If the program abroad is not administered through your child's current school or if they use a separate entity for invoicing, then a second TGP application may be required. 
    • We also may need written approval from the primary school that they will accept the classes taken abroad.
  • Applications for abroad programs should be submitted as soon as possible as these may take longer to process.
  • Programs abroad usually request tuition payment sooner than schools in the US. 
  • Programs abroad are usually on a semester schedule instead of a quarter schedule. This poses some problems if your child’s home institution is on the quarter schedule:
    • If TGP pays based on the quarter schedule, the dollar amount payable is less.
    • If TGP pays based on the semester schedule, you use more points and could end up with less available at the end of four years.
    • Example: 1.5 pts. instead of 1.0 pts.
    • Discuss with the TGP to see which works best for your situation.