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Pay Administration

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Your manager works with your local human resources manager or representative to determine your base pay, any future increases, bonuses and incentive pay. Multiple factors are considered, including your performance, skills and expertise, comparison with peers performing similar work and external market data for the geographic region in which the work is performed.

Pay Components

The following components apply to non-academic staff and librarians.

Base Pay

Your base pay is the salary paid to you for the job you perform. It does not include any premium pay, such as shift differentials, overtime, supplemental pay or any pay element other than the base rate. Base pay is set within your job’s salary range by those who have a pay administration role.

Base pay increases are used to maintain competitive pay levels for those performing at an acceptable level, as well as to recognize outstanding performance. Individuals within the employment trial period are not eligible for a pay increase based on merit.

We are committed to providing a fair and competitive staff compensation program that attracts, retains and rewards high-performing employees at all levels. Review the Base Pay Objectives and Guidelines. Learn more about our Compensation Philosophy.

Bonuses & Incentives

All staff are eligible for bonus and incentive pay. Your manager works with your HR manager to determine if this type of pay is appropriate. This chart describes the purpose of bonus and incentive pay.


Recognize exceptional contributions, such as achieving business goals, productivity, or innovation

Recognize sustained outstanding performance and/or team achievement

Compensate best performing employees near or at range maximum


“Forward-looking” award for accomplishment of specific results

Motivate and influence employees contributions by identifying and formally communicating expected, measurable results and predetermined award amounts at the beginning of a project or performance cycle

Provide immediate recognition for one-time accomplishment(s) that go "above and beyond" expectations

Please contact your manager for questions about pay. Your local HR manager or representative is also available to help answer your questions.