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Salary Structure

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A grade is assigned to every staff job at Stanford. The Staff Salary Structure reflects these levels and their associated competitive market ranges.

Salary Structure Summary

  • In total, there are 16 grades, ranging from A to P
  • Each grade has a range of pay from minimum to maximum, reflecting the market pay for jobs assigned to each level
  • The ranges are designed to keep our salaries competitive with similar jobs in our local job market
  • The University Human Resources Staff Compensation Team participates in several annual surveys to stay current with external salaries for comparable Stanford jobs. The surveys include data from local organizations and higher education institutions, which is used to establish the Staff Salary Structure.

Your Grade

When you are hired, your offer letter usually indicates the grade assigned to your job, as well as your base pay rate.

Current employees can view the grades of all jobs in the Job Description Library, in the Axess portal, and on all job postings. Note: you must be signed in to your Stanford Google account to access the file.

View the Staff Salary Structure


To learn more about the classifications and salary ranges for bargaining unit jobs, view the contractual agreements with labor unions.