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Bargaining Unit Job Specifications

These specifications describe characteristic duties and requirements at each of the established levels for jobs in the bargaining unit.

Department of Public Safety

  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Community Service Officer

For SEIU jobs that have more than one classification level, the specifications are written to describe the series of jobs. This includes:

For jobs that have more than one classification level, the specifications are written to describe the series of jobs.

Department of Public Safety

Job code series Job series title
  Deputy Sheriff
Y25 Community Services Officer Series

Administrative Services

Job code series Job series title
D45 Conservation Technician Series
L45 Costume Technician
L10 Graphics Technician Series
L36 Media Technician
D55 Museum Preparator Series
D60 Museum Attendant Series
L25 Photographic Technician Series
G60 Plant Services Dispatcher Series
D30 Portal Monitor
K53 Reprographics Technician Series
G65 Telecommunications Attendant Series
L40 TV Master Control Operator

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Data Processing Services

Job code series Job series title
M40 Computer Service Operator Series
M30 Data Entry Operator Series
M45 Tape Librarian

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Physical Environment Services

Job code series Job series title
X25 Alarm Technician Series
T60 Athletic Equipment Keeper Series
W30 Athletics Groundskeeper Series
X36 Automotive and Equipment Mechanic Series
X03 Carpenter Series
U06 Catering Server Series
V22 Construction Coordinator
W04/W05 Custodian Series
T50 Deliverer Series
X24 Electrician – High Voltage
X24 Electrician Maintenance Series
W43 Event Crew Series
X16 Fire Extinguisher Technician
X26 Fire Sprinkler Technician Series
U04/U05 Food Service Worker Series
X10 Glazier Series
W55 Greenskeeper Series
W50 Grounds Equipment Operator Series
W45 Grounds Maintenance Series
Y08 Hazardous Waste Technician Series
Y01 Health Physics Technician Series
X45 HVAC Mechanic Series
W42 Laborer Series
W40 Lighting Technician
X06 Locksmith Series
X18 Maintenance Mechanic, Research Facilities Series
W20 to W25 Maintenance Person Series
W20 to W25 Maintenance Person Lead
X30 Maintenance Steamfitter Series
X12 Maintenance Stonemason
T55 Material Services Technician
R49 Mechanical Inspection/Alignment Technician
X09 Painter Series
W60 Pest Controller Series
X29 Pipefitter Series
X27 Plumber Series
X31 Plumber/Steamfitter
X13 Process Control Instrumentation Technician
W06 Project Crew Series
T65 Property Control Series
Y20 Radiation Gate Guard Series
X48 Rigger Series
W27 Road Maintenance Technician Series
X39 Service Station Operator Series
X33 Sheetmetal Worker
T45 Shipper/Receiver Series
W66 Sprinkler/Landscape Technician Series
T40 Storekeeper Series
W20 to X51 Trades and Crafts Leader
X54 Trades and Crafts Supervisor
W70 Tree Specialist Series
X21 Utilities Mechanic, Research Facilities Series
W75 Water System Technician Series

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Scientific and Technical Services

Job code series Job series title
R80 Accelerator System Operator
R75 Accelerator Technologist Series
P45 Animal Care Assistant Series
P50 Autopsy Room Attendant Series
R85 Electronic Prototype Fabricator Series
D40 Experimental Machinist Series
R90 Installation Technician Series
P40 Laboratory Assistant Series
R40 Laboratory Machinist Series
R45 Laboratory Welder Series
P30 Life Science Technician Group Leader Series
P25 Life Science Technician Series
R35 Precision Sheet Metal and Fab Technician
R50 Saw Shop Attendant
R60/R65/R70 Science and Engineering Technician Series
R55 SLAC Accelerator Power Systems Technician Series
R83 Telecommunications Technician Series

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