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Job Changes



Job changes can occur for a variety of reasons, including promotions, career development and lateral job changes. 

If the core duties of a job change due to operational needs, your manager works with the local human resources manager or representative to select a new job description from the Job Description Library (in the Axess portal) that is a better fit. 

Types of Job Changes

This chart describes three types of job changes.

Promotion A promotion is defined as a move from a job in a lower grade to a job in a higher grade. Promotional increases are used to reward significant growth in responsibility and accountability.


A reclassification is defined as a move from a lower grade to a higher grade for an employee in his/her current job due to significant changes in core duties which typically results in a pay increase. On occasion, a reclassification can also result in a move from a higher grade to a lower grade and not be the results of corrective action.
Career Development A career development job change is defined as a move to a different job (different job code and job title) in the same or lower grade which may result in a pay change.
Lateral A lateral job change is defined as a move to the same job (same job code and job title) outside of your current department. In general, there would be no change in pay unless it causes an internal equity issue within the hiring unit.