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Cigna Short-Term Assignment International Plan

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If you are a benefits-eligible faculty or staff on U.S. payroll and plan to work abroad for 180 days or less, Stanford can provide you medical and dental services through Cigna. 

Coverage for yourself: Your U.S.-based medical and dental coverage can be suspended while you are abroad because our plans do not provide routine and non-emergency coverage outside the U.S. You also have the option to cover dependents who will be abroad with you, with the Cigna plan rates listed below.

Coverage for your dependents: If your covered dependents will remain in the U.S. while you are abroad, your U.S.-based benefits will remain in effect for them and your normal per-pay-period deductions will continue; you would then enroll in the Cigna plan for yourself using the instructions below, at no additional cost.

* Note: This Cigna plan is only for employees who work outside the U.S. on a short-term assignment; if you are Global Staff, click here.

Plan Rates

The cost per-pay-period for the Cigna international program is based on your coverage tier.

Employee Only$0
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$87.57
Employee + Child(ren)$81.59
Employee + Family$136.56

Plan Details

OverviewVisiting in-network health care professionals or facilities that have established direct billing procedures with Cigna will help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. There are some countries where Cigna does not have direct billing for regulatory purposes. You may be required to pay out-of-pocket for services and then submit a claim to Cigna for reimbursement. For details on the claims' submission process, refer to the Welcome Kit or the
Co-Insurance$0 (100% paid by Cigna) 

Note: a provider that is not part of the Cigna international plan network may bill you the difference between their normal service fee and the maximum allowed amount by Cigna. Where possible, use Cigna network providers for the most cost-effective services.
Medical Benefit Maximum$300,000 per calendar year
Prescription Drug CoveragePrescriptions -- including replacement for lost prescriptions -- are fully covered at no cost when medically necessary while on an approved international business trip. 
Emergency Dental Maximum Benefits$1,000 per calendar year

Actions to Take Prior to Your Departure

  1. Contact the University HR Service Team to let them know your date of departure (877-905-2985 or 650-736 2985).
  2. Log onto Cigna’s portal ( and look for the “I am a customer” box; select “I am an international business traveler” to initiate user credentials. The Stanford user name and password can be found here.
  3. Print your Cigna medical benefits abroad ID card and keep this with you. Before you go, search for providers for the region to which you’ll be traveling online ( Present your ID card when you seek care.
  4. General information can be found in Cigna's Welcome Kit.
  5. Contact the University HR Service Team when you return to the U.S. so we can reinstate your U.S. benefits elections.


Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad Certificate.

Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad Benefits at a Glance Summary.

Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad Crisis Assistance.

Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad Global Telehealth.


Stanford International Travel Assistance Program

The Stanford International Travel Assistance Program provides medical, personal, travel and security assistance services. While this program offers medical services, if you are remaining on U.S. payroll and working abroad for 180 days or less, it is recommended that you use the Cigna plan for your healthcare needs. However, you should review the other services the program can offer you, such as emergency evacuation, should there be civil or political unrest, insurrections or revolution, for example, that could put your personal safety and security at risk. Read about the Stanford International Travel Assistance Program here.