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Identity Theft Protection

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The university has partnered with Experian to offer identity theft protection services to its faculty and staff. If you are an active benefits-eligible employee, you can access services to help protect your personal information.

IdentityWorks™- Experian

  • Credit report: This benefit helps you stay informed of your credit activity. Upon successful enrollment you’ll see what information is associated with your credit file. Daily credit reports are available for online members only.*
  • Credit monitoring: This feature actively monitors your Experian credit file for indicators of fraud. 
  • Internet Surveillance: This feature uses technology to search the web, chat rooms and bulletin boards 24/7 to identify trading or selling of your personal information on the Dark Web. If a match with your personal data is found, Experian will notify you promptly.  This service also includes an additional layer of protection that also includes up to a $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance policy*. To receive these features employees need to formally enroll in services with Experian.

* The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

Identity Restoration

Experian's Identity Restoration is available to all benefits-eligible employees while they are employed with Stanford and no formal enrollment is required. 

If you believe that you are a victim of credit and non-credit fraud, reach out to Experian Customer Support for assistance. If restoration support is needed, then an Experian Identity Restoration agent is available to work with you to investigate and resolve each incident of fraud that occurred, including:  

  • Helping you contact credit grantors to dispute charges and close accounts; 
  • Assisting you in placing a freeze on your credit file with the three major credit bureaus; 
  • Assisting you with contacting government agencies to help restore your identity to its proper condition. 

As there are some conditions regarding financial recovery, individuals should review the disclosures provided by Experian to become fully informed about its services.

How to Enroll

  • First, locate the Stanford activation code in this PDF file (secure authentication required)
  • Visit the Experian IdentityWorksTM website to enroll:
    • Click the “Get Started” button to create your account. 
    • Enter the “Stanford activation code” and requested personal information, username and password. 
    • Click the “Submit and Continue” button.  

Note, this benefit is provided free of charge to active employees and entering the code for additional adults or children will result in an invalid message.

Have questions?

Contact Experian at 877-890-9332 and reference engagement number DB13717.

Identity Theft Protection FAQ

Why is this identity theft protection benefit being offered?

In this digital age, our personal information is often times at risk of being compromised. This risk affects everyone and higher education has been targeted more frequently. Stanford wants to assist employees with protecting their personal information as well as assist them to restore their identity should they become a victim of identity theft.

Who is eligible for the free identity theft protection benefit?

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible for the free credit monitoring and identity repair programs.  Dependents and family members are not eligible for program enrollment.

Why was Experian selected to provide identity theft protection services?

Experian acquired AllClear ID and subsequently AllClear ID discontinued their identity theft services.  We transitioned our services agreement to Experian as they offered the same range of services with some enhancements.

What features are included with identity theft protection services?

Services include credit monitoring, fraud alerts, credit report scores, dark web monitoring, identity restoration and $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.

What is the difference between the two services?

The IdentityWorks service is designed to keep you informed of your credit activity and alert you if there is fraudulent activity so you can take action. This program includes credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy.

The Identity Restoration service is meant to assist eligible employees who have become a victim of identity theft. Employees contact Experian and will be assigned a dedicated Identity Restoration agent to navigate them through the process to return the employee’s identity to its pre-fraud state.

Is there a deadline for me to enroll in identity theft protection services?

No, you may enroll in Stanford’s identity theft protection services benefit at any time.