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Metlife Pre-Paid Legal Services

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Whether you are buying a home or preparing a will or trust, or encounter an unexpected problem like a speeding ticket, you may find yourself needing legal services at some point.

Stanford’s partnership with MetLife Legal plans gives you access to more than 14,000 experienced attorneys in a nationwide network. There are no copays or deductibles, you simply pay your premiums with after-tax dollars through payroll deductions and you can receive unlimited legal access by phone or in-person.

Once you have enrolled in the plan, you select a network attorney in the specialized area of practice that you need, either online or by phone. Your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children are also covered under the plan. There is no limit during the year to how many times you can use the services of a network attorney for covered legal matters. If you need help finding an attorney, the MetLife Legal Plans Client Service Center can assist you.

To Enroll

Because you pay your insurance premiums with after-tax dollars through a payroll deduction, the enrollment window is limited to:

  • New hires within the 31-day enrollment period
  • Active employees during annual Open Enrollment only

Elections are made through the My Benefits portal

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This plan's premiums are $9.25 per pay period, after-tax, paid through payroll deductions.


Call the MetLife Legal Plans Client Service Center at 800-821-6400.
Login to the MetLaw website:

Pre-Paid Legal Services FAQ

How do I pay for my pre-paid legal coverage?

You will pay with after-tax dollars through payroll deductions, so you never have to worry about writing a check or missing payments. 

Aside from the monthly premium, will I have to pay additional legal costs when using the pre-paid legal plan?

Attorney fees are covered by the plan, however, not all services associated with your legal issue are paid by the plan. Non-attorney fees such as notary fees or court filing fees are your responsibility. For example, if you use the plan to create a living trust and transferred ownership of your home to the trust, you would be responsible for a fee to the county for recording the new deed on your home and any notary services needed.

How does the pre-paid legal plan work?

You simply choose an attorney in any specialized area of practice from the network, which is available online or via MetLife Legal Plans' phone representatives. You will be assigned a case number to share with your lawyer when you make an appointment. It’s that simple. You can speak to the network attorneys face to face, by phone, or you can submit questions online to the Attorney e-Panel – whatever works best for you. And for certain legal matters, your attorney can represent you in court without you having to make an appearance. The network attorneys are there for you, whenever you need advice on any personal legal matter or representation on a number of legal services covered under your plan.

Can I use an attorney who is not in the MetLife Legal Plans' network?

Yes. You can use any attorney you’d like. If you choose an attorney outside of the network, MetLife Legal Plans will reimburse you for services based on a set fee schedule.

How does the MetLife Legal Plans attract and vet network attorneys?

Even experienced attorneys need to grow their practice. By providing exceptional service to you and other plan members, they can gain more clients through your referrals. That’s how the MetLife Legal Plans has established a large network of highly experienced attorneys, averaging 25 years of experience. Attorneys must meet specific criteria before they are eligible to participate in the network, and then they are audited frequently to ensure their standards are met.

Is the claims process simple for the MetLife Legal Plans plan?

When you use a network attorney, there is nothing for you to do. Plan services are covered in full and billing is between MetLife Legal Plans and the network attorney. There are no waiting periods, copays, deductibles or claims forms. 

Can I get help finding the right attorney for my needs?

Yes. The MetLife Legal Plans Client Service Center representatives can help you find the right attorney who is best positioned to help you with your legal matter.

When does coverage in the MetLife Legal Plans begin?

All coverage elected during Open Enrollment is effective for the plan year beginning on January 1. New hires electing the MetLife Legal Plans will see their coverage start right away, there are no waiting periods. 

Are my spouse and family members also covered on MetLife Legal Plans plan?

Yes – your spouse and dependent children are covered under the plan. 

Can I use an attorney more than once?

Yes. You have unlimited use of the plan over the course of the year for covered legal matters.

What happens to my prepaid legal plan when I leave Stanford?

MetLife will allow you to continue on as a legal plan member for 12 months through a portable plan. Read more about portability