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MetLife Pet Insurance

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More than ever, pets play such a huge role in our lives. We want to do everything to keep them safe and healthy. Help make sure your furry family members are protected against unplanned vet expenses for covered accidents or illnesses with MetLife Pet Insurance. 

Select and enroll in the coverage that’s best for you and your pet.  Plans can vary with the annual benefit maximum, deductible, coverage of preventive care and reimbursement percentage. 

What is covered


•accidental injuries
•exam fees
•hospital stays
•X-rays and diagnostic tests

Coverage also includes


•hip dysplasia
•hereditary conditions
•congenital conditions
•chronic conditions
•alternative therapies
•holistic care
•and much more

View the MetLife flyer for more information. 

To enroll 

MetLife FAQ

Can I still use my vet?

Yes, you can visit any licensed veterinarian or emergency clinic in the U.S., and you and your vet of choice can determine the best treatment plan and medical course of action for your pet. Once you’ve received and paid your bill, send it to us and we will process your claim for reimbursement4 if the claim expense is covered under the policy.

What does it not cover?

Pre-existing conditions may not be covered — enroll your pets today and help make sure they’re protected.

When does coverage start?
Accident coverage and wellness coverage (for those who select it) begin on the effective date of your policy. Illness coverage begins 14 days later.
How much will it cost?
Each pet’s premium will be unique based on the age, breed, location, as well as what coverage amount you select.