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Stanford Benefits Travel Checklist

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Before traveling, be proactive and take the necessary steps to understand the details of your plan’s health coverage and claim process before an emergency occurs.

It is recommended to confirm coverage 30 to 60 days before you travel. If you discover you require additional coverage, you will have time to purchase traveler’s insurance or modify your travel plans. Use this travel checklist to help with your planning.

Learn more about health benefits when traveling outside the U.S.

1. Contact the University HR Service Team to learn about your benefit options

Contact the University HR Service Team at (650) 736-2985, before your travel date to learn about your benefit options.

2. Contact your health plan before your travel date

Ask about:

  • Covered services and how to locate a medical provider (for Blue Shield plans)
  • Emergency care benefits (for Kaiser HMO or SHCA)
  • How to file claims
  • How to get your maintenance medications through mail-order
  • Call in number to member services (toll-free numbers do not work outside the U.S.)

3. Change your healthcare plans

If you are temporarily working or traveling outside the country, you may be able to change healthcare plans during that period you are away.

If you are changing from Kaiser HMO or Stanford Health Care Alliance to a Blue Shield plan, change your address no sooner than five days before and no later than 31 days after your travel date.

4. Learn about Stanford’s International Travel Assistance Program

Visit the International Travel website if you are traveling abroad while on Stanford business or research and/or participating in Stanford programs.

5. Take these steps during your travels

  • If your situation is life-threatening, seek medical attention first.
  • If you receive emergency care, notify your health plan as soon as possible. They will need to coordinate care with the overseas medical provider and arrange payment agreement.
  • Keep your receipts so you can submit them for reimbursements when you return.
  • If you are enrolled in the Dependent Day Care Spending Account and have eligible child care services, be sure to complete a Stanford Benefits claim form and have your provider sign it before submitting it to Stanford Benefits.

6. Take these steps when you return from your travels

If you changed from Kaiser HMO or the Stanford Health Care Alliance (SHCA) to a Blue Shield plan, follow these steps if you wish to re-enroll in the HMO or SHCA:

  • Log into StanfordYou to update your California home address in the home address field.
  • Call the University HR Service Team at (650) 736-2985, to process a life event request.
  • You have 31 days from your return date to process the request.