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Retiree Vision Plan

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Retirees have access to vision care which includes annual eye exams, contact lenses and/or frames.

Plan Information

Eye examOnce every calendar year$10 copay
LensesOnce every calendar year. Includes basic and bifocals, trifocals and lenticular)Plan pays 100%, after $25 materials copay.
FramesOnce every calendar yearPlan pays 100%, up to $200, after $25 materials copay with a VSP doctor. $110 allowance at Costco Optical, Walmart and Sam's Club. Additional pairs of glasses with a VSP doctor or sunglasses receive 20% off.
Contact lensesOnce every calendar year in lieu of frames and lensesIf elective, the Plan covers fitting and evaluation with VSP doctor at 15% off contact lens exam services; copay will never exceed $60. Plan pays up to $150. If medically necessary Plan pays 100% after $25 copay when prescribed by doctor. 
ExtrasIncluding scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, progressives and sunglassesDiscounted through your VSP provider, Costco Optical, Walmart and Sam's Club.

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