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Open Enrollment

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What's on Your Benefits Playlist? Open Enrollment 2018, Monday, October 23 through Friday, November 10, 2017, is your annual opportunity to customize your set of health benefits and to add or drop eligible dependents from coverage.

Build Your Playlist:

Check out more resources, the live event schedule and make your “playlist” decisions before the Open Enrollment season ends.

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The Open Enrollment video will answer questions such as:

  • What is Open Enrollment and when is it happening?
  • What rolls over and what needs to be re-elected?
  • How do you take action?
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Stanford Benefits will host Open Enrollment Fairs, Information Sessions and Webinars to help you understand your options in 2018.

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Your options by using the Comparison Tool. You can select plans to compare coverage and rates side by side.

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Make Your Elections

Between October 23 and November 10:

  • Employees: Log Into My Benefits to make your elections. With the new interface optimized for mobile and tablets, you can make your elections from just about anywhere.
  • Retirees: Call the University HR Service Team to make elections over the phone.