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AllClear Identity Theft Protection

All benefits-eligible employees have access to two identity theft services offered through the university.  

The university has partnered with AllClear ID to offer identity theft protection services to its faculty and staff. If you are an active benefits-eligible employee, you can access two services to help protect your personal information.

Learn more about steps you can take to prevent identity theft with this AllClear ID Best Practices Guide

Credit Monitoring

This benefit helps you stay informed of your credit activity. AllClear ID will send detailed alerts when banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts so that you can take action when needed. This service is an additional layer of protection that also includes a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy. The credit monitoring service also allows you to set up fraud alerts that require creditors to take extra precautions to verify the identity of the applicant before opening a new account.  You can set, renew or remove a 90-day fraud alert from within your AllClear ID account.  To utilize this service, employees need to formally enroll with AllClear ID.

Identity Theft Repair

You can access this service if you have ever been or become a victim of identity theft, even if it occurred prior to becoming a Stanford employee. It is available to all benefits-eligible employees while they are employed with Stanford and no formal enrollment is required. A dedicated investigator from AllClear ID will act as your advocate and initiate the dispute process to help recover financial losses, restore your credit report and return your identity to its pre-fraud state. As there are some conditions regarding financial recovery, individuals should review the disclosures provided by AllClear to become fully informed about its services.

To Enroll with AllClear ID

  • First locate the Stanford redemption code here.
  • Visit the AllClear ID website. Enter the Stanford redemption code and select "I am registering myself" in the drop-down menu. Note that this benefit is provided free of charge to active employees and entering the code for additional adults or children will result in an invalid message.
  • Have questions? Contact AllClear ID by calling 855-434-8077.

Identity Theft Protection FAQ

In this digital age, our personal information is often times at risk of being compromised. This risk affects everyone and higher education has been targeted more frequently. Stanford wants to assist employees with protecting their personal information as well as assist them to restore their identity should they become a victim of identity theft.

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible for the credit monitoring and identity repair programs.  Dependents and family members are not eligible for program enrollment.

The Credit Monitoring service is designed to keep you informed of your credit activity and alert you if there is fraudulent activity so you can take action. This program includes credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy. This program has a more formal enrollment process that includes providing personal information to AllClear ID.

The Identity Repair service is meant to assist eligible employees who have become a victim of identity theft. Employees contact AllClear ID and will be assigned a dedicated investigator to navigate them through the process to return the employee’s identity to its pre-fraud state.

In May 2016, Blue Shield notified members and enrolled dependents that they are offering both identity repair and credit monitoring services through AllClear ID.  These are similar programs to what the university is offering, but only if you are an active Blue Shield medical plan member.  If you are a Blue Shield member and signed up for these services you do not have to sign up through Stanford University.  If you are enrolled in the Kaiser or SHCA medical plan, the Blue Shield offering would not be available to you.