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Medical Plans

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Our medical plans provide coverage for preventative care, preexisting conditions, prescription drugs, as well as mental health services.

Healthcare + Savings

High deductible plan, no fixed copays in nationwide network, with access to an HSA.

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Stanford Health Care Alliance (SHCA)

Stanford care, with a copay, in a select local network.

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Transparency in Coverage - Machine Readable Files

The Transparency in Coverage rule released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Labor, and the Department of the Treasury requires group health plans, such as Stanford’s, and health insurers to make price information available to consumers.  We are required to post the following links for each of our medical plan vendors effective July 1, 2022.  The information available through these links is provided in good faith compliance with the Machine-Readable Files approach. These files display negotiated rates for covered items and services between the health plans and in-network providers for the plans. Some in-network provider arrangements do not prescribe rates for all covered items and services. In those cases, the provider’s reimbursement might be determined in several different ways, but this file would not contain that information. Pharmacy Machine readable files are not an enforced requirement and will not be available.

SHCA Aetna - Machine Readable Files

Blue Shield of California - Machine Readable Files

Kaiser - Machine Readable Files

Compare Medical Plans & Costs

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Active employees and official retirees can use this tool to compare medical benefits, as well as plan costs.

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Waiving Coverage

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If you don’t need Stanford coverage, you must actively waive coverage in My Benefits. You’ll receive a $25 credit (or a $12.50 credit if you work part-time) provided as taxable income in each paycheck.

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Medical Contribution Assistance Program

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If you qualify, Stanford will help you pay your contributions to your university-sponsored medical plan when you cover your family.

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ACA Plan for Temps & Casuals

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If you are a casual/temp employee, you may still be eligible for minimum essential medical coverage for you and your dependent children to age 26.

ACA Plan



Doctor holding a table with a COBRA sign on blue background

Continuing coverage may be available if you or one of your covered dependents loses health coverage.