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Dependent Day Care FSA Reimbursement

Submitting your Dependent Day Care FSA claims for reimbursement

You have three options to submit a claim for reimbursement:

  1. Submit your claim online through TASC, Stanford's FSA administrator
  2. Complete a Dependent Day Care FSA Claim Form and submit a receipt for each expense incurred
  3. Use your Stanford FSA debit card, however, reimbursement will be limited to the amount accrued in your account at the time the claim is submitted

Types of Documentation

In order to submit a claim, you will need to provide documentation in one of three formats.

  1. Receipts from your Dependent Daycare Provider
  2. Receipt for Service Form from your Dependent Daycare Provider
  3. Dependent Daycare Contract

For a full description of each format, review the Dependent Daycare Substantiation Requirements document.

Visit TASC to learn more about how to file FSA claims