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Eligible HSA/FSA Expenses 2022 (Text Only)

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Eligible Expenses Update

What can I buy with my HSA or FSA in 2021-2022? The IRS expanded the list* to include OTC products such as pain reliever, face masks and cold and flu medicine.

(* Over-the-counter products were added by the CARES Act, March 2020).

As cold and flu season merges with the COVID-19 pandemic, you may wonder which items in your shopping cart you can buy with your health care flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). 

Eligible Expenses

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Face masks: Yes 

Safety glasses: Yes

Hand sanitizer: No 

Air purifier: Maybe, in certain cases, your expense may be eligible with a note of medical necessity.  

Soap: No

Thermometer: Yes

Pain relievers (Tylenol, Aspirin): Yes

Cold & flu medicine: Yes 

Wet wipes: No

Rubbing alcohol: Yes

Latex gloves: Maybe, in certain cases, your expense may be eligible with a note of medical necessity. 

Throat lozenges: Yes

Blood pressure monitoring device: Yes

Supplements (Echinacea, Vitamin C): No

Flu shots: Yes

Immunizations: Yes

This information is current as of October 2021.


How do I buy these items -- like face masks -- with my FSA or HSA?

You may have trouble using your card at the point of sale if you’re shopping somewhere that doesn’t regularly accept the cards, such as CVS or Walgreens. If that happens, submit your receipt for reimbursement, so long as the receipt is itemized (i.e., says “face mask”).


Call TASC (FSAs): 855-843-4913

Call HealthEquity (HSAs): 877-857-6810

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