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San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance FAQ

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This FAQ provides general information on the San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance (SF PPLO) supplemental compensation for employees working in San Francisco.

What is San Francisco Paid Parental Leave?


The San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance (SF PPLO) requires certain employers who have employees working in San Francisco to provide Supplemental Compensation to employees who are receiving California parental leave benefits to bond with a new child, so that the employees receive up to 100 percent of their normal weekly wages during six weeks of parental leave, subject to a maximum weekly benefit amount. The maximum benefit period is up to six weeks to bond with a newborn, newly adopted or foster child and must be taken within one year of birth or placement of the child in the home. For birth mothers, bonding leave does not start until after they have been medically released from pregnancy disability.

NOTE: In order to receive the San Francisco parental leave benefits, Stanford employees will have to apply for both the VDI paid family leave(PFL) benefits and the SF PPLO benefits by submitting a claim through AbsenceOne

How does it work?

The VDI Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefit provides eligible employees in 2021a maximum equal to the lesser of $1,357per week or 60% of your weekly base salary, if earning above $23,972.Or, equal to the lesser of 70% of your weekly base salary or a maximum of $1,357, if earning less than $23,972annually. The benefit amount is subject to change every January 1. Under the SF PPLO, Stanford is required to provide employees receiving PFL for new child bonding with “Supplemental Compensation” equal to the difference between the employee’s PFL benefit amount and the employee’s normal gross weekly wages such that the employee receives up to 100 percent of their weekly wages, subject to a weekly maximum benefit amount, for up to six weeks.

Which employees are covered?

Only employees who meet ALL of the following requirements are covered under the SF PPLO and are entitled to receive Supplemental Compensation from Stanford):

  • Worked for Stanford University at least 180 days before the start of your baby bonding leave period
  • Work at least eight hours per week for Stanford
  • Have an approved Telecommuting Agreement with your department per section 2.1.20 of the Administrative Guide
  • Work inSan Francisco for at least 40 percent of your regularly scheduled weekly hours for Stanford University
  • Apply for and receive FTD baby bonding benefits
How does an employee apply for Supplemental Compensation under the SF PPLO?

There are two steps to receive SF PPLO from Stanford:

  1. The employee must file a claim for PFL benefits for new child bonding with the disability and leaves administrator.
    • You can start a claim in the Absence One secure portal or by phone 866-566-1906.
    • Mention that you work in San Francisco at least 40 percent of your regularly scheduled weekly hours.
  2. AbsenceOne will reach out to Stanford to verify that you meet all of the requirements in order to be eligible to be covered under the SF PPLO.
How much Supplemental Compensation does an employer have to pay an employee under the SF Paid Parental Leave law?

Stanford must provide Supplemental Compensation for the amount that comprises the difference between the employee’s normal weekly wage and the PFL benefit amount, up to a cap.Benefits available under the PFL program are capped at $1,357per week for 2021. Stanford is not required to provide Supplemental Compensation that exceeds the State cap on benefits. An employee’s total weekly benefits (VDI and Supplemental Compensation) is capped at $2,262 for 2021.For an employee who receives the maximumVDI benefit of $1,357per week, Stanford’s Supplemental Compensation obligation under SF PPLO will be capped at $905per week.

Example: Employee is earning $1,180 per week.

  • FTD will pay $1,180 x 60% = $708
  • Weekly earnings not covered by PFL($1,180 -$708) = $472
  • Supplemental Compensation from Stanford = $472
  • Total PFL($708) plus Supplemental Compensation ($472) = $1,180
Can Stanford apply an employee’s accrued, unused vacation or sick time toward covering the cost of the required Supplemental Compensation under the SF PPLO?

No. Stanford is not allowed to use an employee’s accrued but unused sick time to cover the cost of the Supplemental Compensation.