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Qualifications for Retirement

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To qualify to become an official retiree of Stanford, you must be a benefits-eligible employee in good standing and have not been terminated for misconduct.

To qualify for retiree medical benefits you must meet one of the following requirements:

Rule of 55

You were hired before Jan. 1, 1992,
You are at least age 55,
You have at least 10 years of benefits-eligible service.

Rule of 75

Your age + years of benefits-eligible service equals at least 75,
You have completed at least 10 years of benefits-eligible service.

Request a Retirement Calculation

If you are considering retirement and want to know if you meet the eligibility rules to be an official retiree with health care benefits, complete a Calculate Eligibility for Retiree Status form. This calculation determines if you are eligible for retiree health care benefits and what portion of the coverage cost you share with the university. The University HR Service Team will complete your calculation and notify you of the outcome within three to six weeks.

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