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Retiree Health Care Coverage: Important Billing Details

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Retirees enrolled in a Stanford health plan will receive mailed communication from Vita Companies, Stanford’s third-party billing administrator, regarding their health care premiums and the payment process. 

Paying for insurance premiums 

Retirees who enroll in coverage  are required to follow the payment schedule set by Stanford.

Monthly premium payments for retiree health care are made directly to Vita Companies. Payments can either be made by check or by automatic bank deductions by signing up for SurePay with Vita Companies.

If monthly premiums are not paid in full by the due dates, your Stanford retiree health care coverage will be cancelled.  Coverage is terminated on the last day of the month in which a premium payment was made in full. For example, if your last payment was made on May 5, your coverage will end on May 31. When coverage is cancelled for this reason, you and all eligible dependents lose all future eligibility for Stanford retiree health care.

SurePay: Auto-debit program

SurePay is an easy and convenient way  for retirees to pay monthly benefits premiums to Stanford’s billing administrator, Vita Companies. Premiums are paid via recurring electronic debit from your checking or savings account. If you sign up for SurePay, premium payments will be drafted from your bank account on approximately the 5th of each month.  

SurePay eliminates the need to write checks and the uncertainty about whether your check has been received. You can be assured that your payment will always be received on time, even when you are traveling or out of town.  Be sure to keep your banking information up-to-date with Vita Companies to avoid having benefits cancelled for non-payment.

If your premium should ever change while you are enrolled in SurePay, there is no need to send in a new form. You will automatically be debited the new premium amount each month.

How to set up SurePay

  1. Print and complete the SurePay form with your name and banking details
  2. Attach a voided check to the completed form
  3. Email a copy or image of the form and voided check to Vita at or mail the form and voided check to Vita Companies, P.O. Box 2167, Omaha NE 68103-2167

Questions? If need additional assistance, contact the Vita Concierge team at 650-966-1492 or