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Leaves of Absence

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When you need to spend more than three consecutive days away from work, it's considered a leave of absence, unless you are taking planned vacation. We provide many types of leave for these occasions.

All benefits-eligible staff and faculty who work 50% time or more in a fixed term or continuing position, and bargaining unit employees are eligible to take leaves of absence.*

Review the options below to learn more about the types of leave, benefits and income protection, and steps for going on leave.

*Temps and casuals paid through Stanford may also be eligible; talk with your HR Representative about your leave options.

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Disability Leave

Disability is a type of leave for your own, non-work related illness or injury.

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Family Care & Parental Bonding Leave

Care for an immediate family member suffering from a serious health condition or bond with your newborn, foster child or adopted child.

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Maternity Leave

Pregnancy-related leave includes pre-partum and post-partum disability leave, as well as bonding time.

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Other Types of Leave

Other types of leave include military, personal, sabbatical and more.

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Income Replacement

There are several ways to keep some or all of your normal income on leave including disability insurance payments and salary continuation.

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Your Benefits on Leave

Information about what happens to your health, life and retirement benefits during the time you are away.

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Steps for Taking Leave

Comprehensive steps to ensure your leave of absence goes smoothly.

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