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Steps for Taking Leave

Ensure your leave of absence goes smoothly by reviewing the steps below.

Work with your HR Manager to determine the type of leave you need to take

Meet with your HR Manager and review the different types of leave to decide which leave is most appropriate for your particular situation. If you are interested in learning more about Maternity Leave, consider attending the Maternity & Child Care Benefits Workshop.

Notify your supervisor or manager

Notify your manager regarding the type of leave you want to take. If you are planning a leave in advance, for example a pregnancy leave or elective surgery, tell your manager at least 30 days before the intended start of your leave. Estimate your expected leave dates to the best of your knowledge. 

Report a claim

Lincoln Financial Group is our disability administrator. You can start a claim on the Lincoln Financial website (claimant service ID: stanford) or by calling (800) 896-9375.

When you report your claim, have these materials ready:

  • Your physician or medical care provider’s contact information
  • Your manager’s contact information
  • The reason you are taking a leave
  • The last day you will work, the first day you will be absent from work, and your anticipated date of return

To avoid any delays, download and sign the Authorization to Release Information form found under the Forms tab on the Lincoln Financial website and leave it with your doctor's office. Or complete a medical authorization form at your doctor’s office or medical facility that allows Lincoln Financial to receive all relevant information about your medical condition.

If you are eligible for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and you have filed a VDI or FTD claim, your FMLA will automatically be set up and will run concurrently with your VDI or FTD claim.

Review and change your benefits, if necessary

Keep us updated

If anything changes during your leave, notify your manager and your Human Resources manager or leave specialist.

For example, notify us if you will return to work:

  • Earlier or later than anticipated;
  • With restrictions; or,
  • On a part-time schedule until you are ready to return to your full duties.

Return to work

It is important to prepare for a smooth return to work. At least one week before you plan to return to work, contact your manager and your Human Resources manager or leave specialist. They will be able to help you with the transition back to work, and to verify that we have everything we need for your return. You may also want to read the Maternity & Expectant Parents page on the WorkLife website, which includes many resources for child care and emergency back-up care, financial assistance, and workshops for new parents such as BABBLE: Back After Baby Bonding Leave Ends.