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Stanford Community Leave Bank

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We recognize that any employee on leave may have a catastrophic situation that results in a need for additional paid time off. The Stanford Community Leave Bank addresses this need, allowing eligible employees to donate their accrued and unused vacation leave hours to help fellow employees.

Program Summary

Employees with catastrophic illnesses may face overwhelming financial obstacles if they exhaust all paid time off during a disability leave, and the stress of worrying about paying the rent or putting food on the table detracts from focusing on wellness.

The Stanford Community Leave Bank gives eligible employees an opportunity to donate accrued vacation leave hours from their unused balance to a central leave bank. This central leave bank will be made available to employees who have been affected by a catastrophic situation in accordance with program guidelines. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary for both donors and requestors.

Program Participation

If you have accrued vacation time and would like to donate to the Community Leave Bank from your accrued and unused vacation time, your hours will be allocated toward a fellow employee in need.

If you are an employee exhausting your paid time off and are on a disability leave, you may apply to receive donated hours from the Community Leave Bank.

See the details and required forms below.

If you still have questions, contact Disability and Leave Services:

Details and Required Forms