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Lactation Support

For those employees who wish to carry out their breastfeeding goals after returning to work, Stanford seeks to provide an accommodating and supportive environment. We offer resources and support to help make your transition back to work easier.

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Lactation Spaces

Employees should contact their supervisor, manager or Human Resources Manager to work out arrangements for meeting their lactation space needs, which might include scheduling conference rooms, using an unoccupied office (with permission) or hanging temporary blinds or curtains to create a private space. Any space that is private and not located in a bathroom can be considered as a lactation space. Check with department, building, facility or space coordinators for information about space options and whom to contact for permission to use a space.

Stanford University, Stanford Hospital and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital have identified a total of 30+ rooms – for the most part multi-purpose spaces – that may be available for lactation purposes.

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Complete breastfeeding support questionnaire and be entered to win a Back to Work box to help you transition back to work or study without weaning. 

Lactation Resources

Successful breastfeeding requires planning and patience. There are several things you can do to help ensure successful breastfeeding after returning to work. For additional tips for successful breastfeeding after returning to work, please contact us via our support request form.

Manager Resources

Managers and supervisors play an important role in an employee's successful transition from baby bonding leave to work. For support resources and our Breastfeeding Accommodation Guide: Recommendations for Managers & Supervisors, please contact us via our support request form.