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Stanford Arboretum Children's Center (SACC)

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M. | 650-725-6322 | VISIT WEBSITE

The Stanford Arboretum Children's Center (SACC) is an early childhood learning program, operated by the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI). SACC is open to university affiliates and Stanford Health Care/Stanford Children's Health employees.

How SACC Works

  • SACC is operated by the International Child Resource Institute.
  • ICRI offers high quality programs targeted to the specific developmental needs of infants, toddlers, preschool and pre-K children.
  • All programs use play-based Emergent Curriculum methods to explore language, art, science, music, social studies, mathematics and physical tasks.
  • Infant and toddler programs provide sensory and language opportunities designed to help children discover and explore at their level.
  • Preschool programs encourage children to learn through opportunities to explore, create, invent, hypothesize, test and discover in a warm, open environment.

Learn more about the Emergent curriculum

Classroom Designations

  • SACC has a licensing capacity for 138 children and serves ages eight weeks to five years.
  • Child capacity numbers are determined by the California Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing Division and are based on the indoor/outdoor area to which the children will have access.
  • Of the 138 available spaces, below is a breakdown of the classroom size designations based on 100% enrollment:
Infants 8 2
Toddlers 12 2
Twos 15 2
Preschool 18 2
Pre-K 16 2

Waitlist Application and Process

  • Enrollment priority for SACC is given to faculty, students, postdocs, university staff, employees of Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health, respectively.
  • You may submit your application online

Faculty, Staff, Students, Postdocs, and Visitors - Child care application page

Hospital - Child care application page

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