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Onsite childcare waitlist process

The WorkLife Office (WLO) manages the centralized waiting list for all campus child care centers, except for Bing. Families are encouraged to apply to the waiting list when they have a confirmed due date or confirmed adoption date. When a family applies, the WLO confirms the family’s eligibility and adds the family to the waiting list. An email confirmation is sent when the family is added to the waiting list.

Waitlist period

Wait times on the list may vary depending on different factors including priority, age of the child, schedule requested, application date and available spaces.

Typically, infant and toddler classrooms for children who are 0-24 months are the most impacted. This is due to the smaller classroom size designations and the lower staff-to-child ratio needed to care for children of this age. Once children turn preschool-age (24 months+), the opportunity for space increases as we increase the class size and staff-to-child ratio.

If your circumstances permit, you may also want to consider flexible schedules (3 or 4 days per week) to maximize your opportunity of being offered a space.

Offer considerations

The WLO closely monitors priority status and the waitlist for next eligible families for enrollment. When spaces become available, campus child care centers let the WLO know of these openings. Spaces become available when:

  • Children transition into older age groups at the same site or into kindergarten;
  • Families depart Stanford or the site; or
  • There is expansion such as in the case of CCSC and PCCC.

We have more spaces become available in the months of June – September. It is typical practice for our campus child care centers to transition children into older age groups during these months, making space for enrollment into younger age classrooms. Preschool-age children are also starting kindergarten. If you get an offer during the months of June - September, please make careful consideration if you think you may want to push your start date into the future as you may NOT get another offer for the exact time period you are seeking.

Prioritizing offers

Offers are extended to families when spaces become available at the campus child care centers. When offering an available space to families, we consider:

  • Stanford University affiliation

  • Whether a child has an already enrolled sibling;

  • Schedule that became available (5, 4, or 3 days)

  • Application date; and

  • Age of the child

How you’ll be notified

The WLO sends offers to the email address provided at the time of application or waitlist update. You may update your email address at any time by contacting the WLO. Once an offer is made, we ask that families respond to the offer within 48-hours. This response time is critical since families will have time to tour and engage with the administration at the site prior to officially accepting the offer. Often times we experience families’ desire to push their start date into the future when offered a space. Families may do this. What this means is that the next eligible family will be offered a space.

Waitlist Questions

If you have questions about waitlist applications and enrollment in any of the on-site childcare centers, please submit a help ticket to WorkLife Office so the appropriate person can respond.