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Preschool & PreK

Man with child in masks using hand sanitizer

The coronavirus outbreak has upended our lives, as we continue to face unprecedented disruptions. Navigating how to best support your young child’s development during this time is challenging. We offer suggestions and resources to assist you in determining the best possible care for your child whether that is center-based or at home with you during the pandemic and creating learning opportunities that enable your child to thrive.

Transitioning Back to School

Child Care Resources and Support  

NOTE: As part of Stanford University's employee benefit programs, you have access to certain resources which you may use to find care and other service providers meeting your unique needs and budget. Your use of these services is at your sole risk. You are responsible for the care/services you arrange, including the quality and the cost of the care/services, and for conducting any desired criminal records checks or other screening on any potential providers. Stanford University does not employ, recommend, endorse or screen any providers. Stanford University makes no representations or warranties about the quality of the care or other services provided by the providers or other third parties or about your interactions or dealings with any such parties.

Virtual Learning Resources for Children and Families 

Webinars, Workshops and Events