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Emergency & Back-Up Care

Even the best planned care arrangements can be disrupted from time to time. If your provider is unavailable (due to illness or vacation) we offer the Back-Up Care Advantage program. The program helps benefits-eligible faculty and staff to find high-quality back-up care for children and adult/elder relatives through Bright Horizons.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Learn About This Service

As a benefits-eligible faculty or staff member, you can use the Back-Up Care Advantage program when you need to be at work and your regular child and/or adult and elder care arrangements are unavailable. You have access to center-based child care or in-home care for a dependent of any age. Care options are available nationwide.

Register for free so you can use care when:

  • Your regular caregiver is unavailable
  • Your child's regular school is closed
  • You're between care arrangements for your adult/elder relative


  • For center-based care there is a $15 co-pay per child per day, with a maximum of $25 per family per day.
  • For in-home dependent care, there is a $6 co-pay per hour, with a 4-hour minimum for all in-home care reservations.
  • This benefit is available for a maximum of 10 days for faculty and five days for staff per calendar year. 

*Reservations are accepted up to 30 days in advance of the needed care date.  The High Demand Day Calendar refers to those days throughout the year when local public or private schools are closed and, therefore, our centers experience higher than average usage. Bright Horizons Family Solutions does its best to accommodate each reservation, however, there is often a waitlist for care in many California locations. Please be aware that accommodation in a specific center is not guaranteed and parents may need to be flexible with center and location options when planning to use back-up care.

IRS Tax Information:

Usage of Stanford's back-up care program is an employer-sponsored service that will be reported in Box 10 on your W-2. Dependent care benefits include your pre-tax contributions to your dependent care FSA. Also included are eligible amounts paid by your employer to you or to your day care provider and the fair market value of dependent care in a facility provided by or sponsored by your employer. The fair market value of dependent care services that exceed the non-taxable limit of $5,000 allowed for the FSA is listed in boxes 1, 3 and 5 of the W-2 form. You must complete Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, to compute any taxable and nontaxable amounts. For further guidance on this topic, and to review any questions you may have, please contact a tax professional or the IRS directly (

Registration Information

When you need back-up care, you need it fast, so you are encouraged to register prior to any need. 

For more information and to register:

Call (877) BH-CARES (877-242-2737)

Or log in online the using the information below.

*Please note, the registration site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 9 (in compatibility mode), Internet Explorer 11 or above, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Additional Family Support

In order to assist you in your search for ongoing child care, you also have:

  • Priority access enrollment status for full-time enrollment at Bright Horizons child care centers
  • Discounts at their partner network centers 

Visit and select “Center-Based Child Care” to locate a center near you.