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Eligibility Requirements

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Male and female parents smiling and playing with their two kids

The Faculty Child Care Assistance Program (FCCAP) provides a salary supplement to eligible faculty to offset qualified child care expenses. Eligibility has expanded for fiscal year 2022 to help more families meet the cost of child care.

  • The program is available to The Professoriate (i.e., Full, Tenure Line Faculty, Non-Tenure Line Faculty in the University Medical Line or Academic Council). See Faculty Handbook Definition in Section 1.2.5. Academic Staff and Other Teaching Titles, including Clinician Educators, Adjunct Professors, Acting Professors and Visiting Professors are not eligible for this program. See Faculty Handbook Definitions in Sections 1.2.11 and 1.2.12.
  • Any type of care qualifies for reimbursement as long as it is provided by: 

    • A person or organization who can provide an SSN or ITIN for documentation purposes 

    • A person or organization who is being paid for taking care of your dependent, as documented by receipts that are submitted for reimbursement

    • A person who is not the employee’s legal dependent 

New for 2022: Expanded Eligibility

  • Legal dependents up to age 12 are now eligible (previously five years of age). 
  • Spouses, partners (with whom you share a household and who is the parent of your child(ren)), and registered domestic partners must be full-time students, employed at least 50% FT (20 hours/week) or disabled and unable to work (previously 30 hours/week). 
  • New faculty members have a 12-month grace period for their spouse/partner to meet employment requirements, as long as they are looking for employment (previously six months).

Participants must have a total household income as reflected below, in the income ranges and awards section. 

Income Ranges and Awards:

Award levels are based on the family's federal taxable gross earnings as determined by the prior year’s taxes, current earnings statements, including any child support payments, and the age and number of eligible children (not the Adjusted Gross Income reported on your most recent 1040). 





$124,000 to $146,999


$147,000 to $168,999


$169,000 to $196,999


$197,000 to $224,999


Awards are taxable income and will be reported in Box 1 of the W2 Form.