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Junior Faculty Dependent Care Travel Grant Program

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Junior faculty can receive a taxable grant for qualified dependent care expenses incurred when traveling to attend professional meetings, conferences, workshops and professional development opportunities, or to conduct approved research or scholarship.

Available To

  • Untenured assistant and untenured associate professors in the Tenure Line and University Medical Line
  • Non-tenure line faculty who do not have continuing appointments

NOTE: Academic staff and Other Teaching Titles, including Clinician Educators, Adjunct Professors, Acting Professors and Visiting Professors, are not eligible for this program. (See Faculty Handbook Definitions at 1.2.11 & 1.2.12)


The Junior Faculty Travel Grant is funded at a level intended to provide full compensation for reasonable and approved expenses, up to a maximum of $1,000 post-tax per year.

Awards May be Used for Child or Adult Dependent Care:

  • Care at an alternate location (including at home) for after-hours care while you are away
  • Reasonable dependent care expenses over and above the costs, if any, that you would normally incur for care here, if your dependent must travel with you
  • Duplicate care, i.e., dependent care at a conference or research site if you must continue to pay to preserve dependent care space or coverage here
  • Travel expenses for a caregiver
  • Cost of storing and shipping of breastmilk


Grant Amount and Method of Payment

  • Junior faculty are eligible to receive $1,000 (post-tax) in funding per calendar year
  • Grants are administered as either a reimbursement or a grant in advance, and are paid as additional compensation, considered taxable income, and issued as a separate check
  • If expenses are less than $1,000 for a single travel event, more than one request may be submitted for that year, until the maximum post-tax amount is reached

Reimbursement Requests

To receive reimbursement:

  • In order to receive a tax-free reimbursement, claims must be submitted no later than 60 days after the date of travel, per IRS guidelines. Please complete the online Dependent Care Travel Grant Reimbursement Form and provide the following documentation:
    • General event or conference information (agenda, dates, location, etc.)
    • If applicable, confirmation of your participation as a presenter
    • Confirmation of your event registration
    • Receipts for child care services and/or other eligible expenses listed in the section above

Reimbursements will be paid in the second pay period after submission. For example, reimbursements submitted on the 1st through the 15th of the month will be paid on the 22nd of the following month.


To receive a grant-in-advance for dependent care expenses while traveling, a Grant in Advance Form should be submitted to the WorkLife Office at least 45 days prior to travel and must include:

  • Completed Grant in Advance Form, including a detailed list of anticipated expenses associated with the request, to include as applicable:
    • Description of planned care including the provider's name, relationship to the applicant, location of care
    • Hourly cost and number of expected hours of use
    • Other costs (cost of preserving child care space at home, caregiver transportation, etc.)
    • Receipts for caregiver's travel expenses already incurred
    • Upon return, receipts must be submitted for verification and, if less than the grant in advance, repayment will be required

Grants in advance will be paid through the regular payroll system and considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service.

For more information or to schedule a 1:1 consultation, please contact us.