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WorkLife Integration

Work-life integration doesn’t look the same for everyone, and it may even look different for you depending on the day. Below is our staff’s take on work-life fit. As you read through, ask yourself — what does work-life mean to you?

Phyllis Stewart Pires, Assistant Vice President of WorkLife Strategy, spoke with HealthySteps to Wellness about work-life integration and how the term “work-life balance” doesn’t always capture the true picture of how your work and life come together.

What Does Work-Life Mean to You?

We asked our staff about this topic and here is what they said.

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Phyllis Stewart Pires

Assistant vice president, WORKLIFE STRATEGY

"Both the challenge and the opportunity to set high expectations for my career trajectory, my family commitments, and my community involvement.  And leveraging the resources, networks, and safety nets available to meet those expectations."

Tess de Guzman


"Work-Life to me means being able to face life challenges at work and personal life, as they meld with one another."

Mona Hartmann


"It means that my personal life goals are being met and my work goals are being met and my contributions are recognized."

Caitlin Azhderian


"Identifying what matters most to me--- in my career, in my family, in my friendships, and in my community. And being able to bring my whole self to each in a way that enables me to be present, productive, creative and fulfilled."