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Boni Cordova-Grimaldi

Principal Electrical Prototype Fabricator
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Years at Stanford
What is one fun fact about you?
I enjoy volunteering here at SLAC. I was the Christmas Elf and part of the SLAC Centipedes that participated in the Bay of Breakers. I was also on the SLAC bowling team; we won trophies, and a union representative. Currently, I am a member of the SLAC Emergency Response Team (ERT).
What is one thing that you like about working at Stanford?
I enjoyed the progression of women through all the working ranks. Especially when Persis Drell became the first SLAC female director in 2007.
Tell us briefly about an event, project, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
I am proud to be a member the Emergency Response Team (ERT). I look forward to all the training sessions. SLAC Security prove to be a great asset to the all the ERT members.
What is one of your favorite memories while working at Stanford?
Looking back, the picture I took with all the individuals that contributed to the completion of the MARK III. This is when I realized my work at SLAC was part of the bigger scientific picture. This made me proud to be part of a working team.
Other Career Celebrations
  • Graduate School of Business (GSB)
    Years at Stanford
  • School of Medicine (SoM)
    Years at Stanford