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Julie Anderson

University Human Resources (UHR)
Years at Stanford
What is one fun fact about you?
I love listening to or watching adventure stories/movies. If I can't do the adventure myself it's fun to watch someone else doing it.
What is one thing that you like about working at Stanford?
The people. I've worked with many different people over my 30 yrs in the same dept. they have enriched my life and filled me with inspiration and gratitude.
Tell us briefly about an event, project, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
I helped create and for 20 years helped manage the Stanford Living Strong Living Well strength training program for cancer patients in collaboration with the local Y's. It was very inspirational for me and transformative for our participants.
What is one of your favorite memories while working at Stanford?
I've enjoyed all the sporting events I've attended through the years and the cultural events from the performances to museums visits.
Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance would you give a new hire at Stanford?
Prioritize your well-being. Start early establishing those behaviors and take advantage of resources to support you, especially BeWell.
Other Career Celebrations