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Nhan Tran

Land, Buildings & Real Estate (LBRE)
Years at Stanford
What is one fun fact about you?
I always call everyone the BOSS .
What is one thing that you like about working at Stanford?
A very good place to work.. Friendly and nice peoplles .
Tell us briefly about an event, project, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
To replace more than 100 old GE motors from 5 HP to 100 HP to High Effecency Motor around the campus
What is one of your favorite memories while working at Stanford?
After the 2017 Earthquake, as a HVAC tech, We went to all building to check for the damage of the building, and also for all the night when the temperature can drop down to the freezing, we have to back to campus at 11:00 PM go to the roof of building to secure the piping of the HVAC system to prevent the broken of these pipe ilding, and on all the night, when the temperature can drop down r 30the freezing nig the freezing night we are at the campus start from !1:00 PM
Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance would you give a new hire at Stanford?
This is best place to work . The Employer, Stanford University, always care and appreciate.all your work for Stanford.
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