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Thomas E. Carver

S&E Associate II
Office of the Vice Provost & Dean of Research
Years at Stanford
What is one fun fact about you?
If it involves power tools, welding, sawdust, showers of metal sparks, and horsepower, I’m in.
What is one thing that you like about working at Stanford?
I love working with a bunch of really bright people who are eager to learn, and eager to take on tough challenges. It’s very satisfying to watch long complicated projects come to fruition, and to know that I had a hand in them.
Tell us briefly about an event, project, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
While it’s pretty tedious work to put together, I’m proud of some training videos I made recently which help safely train new lab users during COVID to get us by until we can resume in-person training.
What is one of your favorite memories while working at Stanford?
One of my best memories was playing softball at lunch with a team from Ginzton Labs. Win or lose, it was always a blast.
Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance would you give a new hire at Stanford?
If you have a particularly stressful week at work, play the drums for two hours really loud! You’ll feel much better.
Other Career Celebrations