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Eligibility & Fees

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Review the information below for details about eligibility, fees and the CCN reimbursement process.

Who is Eligible for CCN?

  • Stanford staff employees in benefits-eligible roles, including SLAC, are eligible to participate in this program. Faculty, students and retirees are not eligible.
  • Immediate family members (dependents, spouse or domestic partner) of eligible Stanford staff members may utilize the CCN hourly rate, but are not eligible for STAP reimbursement

CCN Fees

  • We have negotiated a CCN rate of $125/hour for in-person and remote appointments
  • Eligible employees may seek reimbursement from their STAP balance up to a maximum of $500 per fiscal year. Reimbursement for assessments may not exceed $125 of the $500 allowable maximum. STAP reimbursement assumes available STAP funds, otherwise, eligible employees may still utilize the negotiated hourly rate of $125.
  • STAP funds cannot be used to pay for career counseling with a career counselor who is not part of the CCN program
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted with the CCN Statement of Service Form within 20 days of appointment date to be eligible for reimbursement

Reimbursement Process

  • At the time of the appointment, pay the counselor with a personal check
  • The CCN counselor will provide you with a completed CCN Statement of Service Form at the end of your session
  • Submit the completed form to the Tuition & Training Programs Office within 20 days of your appointment date:
    Tuition & Training Programs Office
    505 Broadway, Cardinal Hall, 5th Floor
    Redwood City, CA, 94063-8805
  • We will process reimbursement utilizing your STAP funds, provided there are sufficient funds in your STAP account
  • Reimbursement may take up to four weeks to process. Questions related to the status of reimbursement should be submitted via HelpSU ticket (Request Category: Central Office issues; Request Type: Customer Outreach of Disbursements).