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Priscilla Fiden

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Headshot of Priscilla Fiden

Assistant Dean of Administrative Operations, Graduate School of Education

For Priscilla Fiden, the opportunities that have resulted in her career growth at Stanford have been “stretch” assignments.

When she started in the Psychology Department in 2004, she wanted to get a good understanding of how the university worked, especially outside of her organization. She had a manager who took her under her wing and gave her assignments that were a bit beyond her day-to-day scope of work.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some extraordinary people, who were willing to take the time to mentor and teach me, and walk me through projects,” says Priscilla. “Stanford leadership and managers are willing and eager to help other staff think about their careers and how to grow professionally.”

Now as the assistant dean for administrative operations in the Graduate School of Education, she tries to reciprocate this same type of training approach with her own staff. Priscilla obviously has succeeded. She is praised as being someone who helps raise the aspirations of those around her. So much so that she is a recipient of the 2015 Amy J. Blue Award—a distinction given to staff members who are exceptionally dedicated, supportive and passionate about their work.

Priscilla credits Stanford’s leadership programs as being “game-changers” in terms of how they shaped her management style and coaching of her team.

"Whether a one-hour course on Drupal or Excel, or Manager Academy, Leadership@Stanford or other leadership programs, there are ways at all levels to improve your skills and develop new ones," she says.

Having access to the academic side of Stanford and the accomplished speakers who come to campus is a bonus for Priscilla. She’s seen Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates and President Obama.

“If you make the time to take advantage of what Stanford has to offer, there’s no way your life will not be richer as a result.”