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STARS All Learning FAQ

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Last Updated: 10/07/17


What is the All Learning page and why has it changed?

The STARS All Learning page is an online summary of your STARS learning activity. It is designed to simplify the presentation of learning courses and provide better guidance to training actions that you, as a learner, may need to perform.

I get an "Unable to retrieve your learning" error message when I select All Learning from the STARS menu?

This occurs when the All Learning page hasn’t completed loading the course data. Please use the browser’s Reload page function to reload the page. If you continue to receive this error, try accessing the main STARS menu.

If you’re unable to access the main STARS page, close Axess and log back into Axess.

What are the buttons at the top of the page?

Each of the training activity sections within the All Learning page have an associated section button. Section button(s) can be selected (gray background) or de-selected (white background) to show or hide the section(s).

Note: The Action Needed: Enroll/Register section cannot be de-selected.

What do the numbers shown on each top button mean?

They represent the number of courses listed in the section.

Learning Activity

I click on a learning status button at the top and nothing happens?

Below are possible reasons for this:

  • Confirm that the learning status button for the section(s) you are trying to select is gray
  • The Action Needed: Enrolled/Register section cannot be hidden (the button will always be gray)
  • You may not see your Training History section if the length of your Action Needed section(s) fill up the page; scroll down the page to view your Training History
How do I access my training history?

By default, when viewing the All Learning page the two Action Needed sections will be automatically selected.

Click on the Training History section button at the top of the page to display the section.

What courses are listed in each of the sections?

Courses appear within each section of the All Learning page based on information outlined in the following table:

All Learning Page Section Courses Included

Action Needed: Enroll/Register

  • Courses added to your training plan after completing TNAT

  • Courses added to your training plan from your supervisor

  • Courses assigned to you (a new feature currently in early adoption)

Action Needed: Launch/Complete

  • Courses you are currently enrolled in

  • Courses you have begun but have not completed

  • Classroom or other session-based courses enrolled into but either have not begun or your attendance has not been marked as completed

Training History

  • Courses, curriculums, conferences or certifications you have completed

  • Courses you have not completed (i.e., past a course completion period)

  • Certifications that have expired

What date is shown in the Action Needed: Launch/Complete section?

It displays the enrollment/registration date of the course or the date you launched the online course.

Note: The date is not the start date for a classroom session; click on the course link to get more details about the classroom session.

I completed a course, but it still appears in the Action Needed: Launch/Complete section. What should I do?

Contact the course administrator of the course to mark your completion. To find the course administrator, click on the course title and look at the Contact field. If there is no contact, please submit a STARS HelpSU ticket [Request Category = Administrative Systems, Request Type = STARS – Stanford Training and Registration System].

I see old course(s) under both the Action Needed sections that I do not need to complete anymore. What should I do?

You can perform the following action based on the section:

  • Action Needed: Enroll/Register may include courses added by TNAT in previous years that no longer apply to your work. Remove the courses by clicking the Remove button.
  • Action Needed: Launch/Complete may include courses you started but never intended to complete. Remove the courses by clicking the Drop button.
  • If you do not see the Remove or Drop button, submit a STARS HelpSU ticket requesting us to remove/drop for you. [HelpSU Request Category = Administrative Systems, Request Type = STARS–Stanford Training and Registration System]
I don't see my dropped course(s), where can I view them?

Dropped courses are no longer included in the All Learning page. This minimizes the length and clutter of the Training History section and increase the system performance. If you cannot find the email for the dropped courses and need a list of them, please submit a STARS HelpSU ticket. [HelpSU Request Category = Administrative Systems, Request Type = STARS–Stanford Training and Registration System]

How do I recertify for certification program?

Follow the instructions below to recertify a program. For more information on certification and recertification, refer to the Certification Program/Recertification Job Aid.

  1. Go to STARS > My Training> Certification Status to see the status of all your Certification Programs.
  2. Click Recertify button to open the recertification program.
    Note: If there is no available recertification for the certification specified, please contact program owner.
  3. Click Register button to register for the recertification program.
  4. Launch Web (i.e., self-paced) class from the enrollment confirmation page.
  5. Complete all courses listed in the recertification program.
I used the filters in the previous all learning page to locate courses. How do I find courses in the re-designed page?

To locate courses based on the filter functionality within the previous All Learning page, use the information in the following table:

Filter - Previous All Learning Page Section - New All Learning Page
Planned/Requested, and Offered
  • Action Needed: Enroll/Register

Certifications and Curriculum

  • Planned – Action Needed: Enroll/Register (courses with Register button)

  • In Progress – Action Needed: Launch/Complete (courses with Program Progress button)

  • Completed – Training History

  • Not Completed – Training History

  • Expired – Training History

Completed Certifications

  • Training History
    Note: Sort by Type and Status; this will show Certification Type and Completed Status together.

Completed Learning

  • Training History
    Note: Sort by Type to show all Completed courses together.

Completed Learning Within A Year

  • Training History
    Note: Sort by Date descending and Type to show the most recent completed courses together.

Enrolled and In-Progress Learning
  • Action Needed: Launch/Complete

Enrolled Learning

  • Action Needed: Launch/Complete
    Note: Section will list Enrolled and In-Progress together.

In Progress Learning

  • Action Needed: Launch/Complete
    Note: Section will list Enrolled and In-Progress together.

Learning Last 90 days (not dropped)

  • Sort by descending status courses in both the Action Needed: Launch/Complete and Training History sections

Planned Learning

  • Action Needed: Enroll/Register


Additional Information

Can I sort courses within the All Learning page?

Yes, use the arrows located next to the column header to sort the links alphabetically by name. You can sort based on Title, Type, Status or Date.

Can I print my training record information?

Yes, click on the Training History section button at the top of the page and there is a print icon on the right hand side to print a certificate of your completed course.

Another option if you want to print all of your courses, go to the ‘Options menu’ is a Print All Learning page selection. Make sure you have displayed the sections you wish to print before making this selection.

Note: Using Firefox is not recommended with this feature as it may only partially print the report. An export to file feature is currently not available.

Are the search catalog and certification status selections the same in the options menu as those in the main STARS menu?

Yes, they have been added here for convenience within the page.

What is request learning?

Request Learning directs users to a form to either request a new session for an existing course or to request a new course. Upon submission, the request will send the information to the appropriate learner provider. This feature is unchanged from the previous All Learning page.

What is supplemental learning?

Supplemental Learning provides users the ability to add course listings not found in the catalog to your STARS training records. This feature is unchanged from the previous All Learning page. Refer to the following information to use this feature:

  • Initial screen allows you the ability to enter an course with a status (i.e., Planned, In Progress, Submit for Approval)
  • If you intend to enter an course that you have already completed, first enter all required fields and Save
  • Supplemental Learning will appear, as follows:
    • Planned Status in the Action Needed: Enroll/Register section
    • In Progress appears in the Action Needed: Launch/Complete section
  • To mark complete, click the Modify button and Select Complete status to add a completed course in your Training History
Who can I contact if I have questions about my All Learning page?

For questions about your All Learning Page, please submit a HelpSU ticket [Request Category = Administrative Systems, Request Type = STARS – Stanford Training and Registration System].