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Find out more about terminology and processing of assignment. Assignors should be familiar with the Resources and FAQ pages on the STARS Track website for more information.

Let's begin with terminology

  • Objective: is training (course or series of courses) that have been setup in STARS Track for required compliance training. Compliance training focuses on courses that individuals need to take either for regulatory requirements or to key policies/procedures of Stanford. Objectives are written in work-related terms. For example, the objective for General Safety training is "Work at Stanford" since anyone who conducts work at Stanford needs knowledge of general safety procedures at our facilities.
  • Assignment: records who need to take specified required compliance training. Assignments processed will look at an individual's training history in STARS to see if they already completed this training requirement. For those who did not complete the training, an e-mail notification will be sent to the individual indicating the importance of completing the assigned training course. It will also add the training to the individual's All Learning page in STARS where they can take immediate action to enroll in and complete the course. Assignments are tracked in compliance reports specifically developed to track if the training requirement has been met.
  • Learner Group: a defined group of individuals that share a common training need. Learner groups can be manually maintained or can be dynamically updated based on rules.

How do assignments work?

Assignments can be processed by those granted the role of an assignor, by supervisors, or through an auto assignment. The table below provides a comparison of features with each of these:

Assign using the "Assign Learning" page in STARS. Assign using the "Assign Learning for Team page in STARS. Assign using Learner Groups in STARS which capture populations.
Granted to specific authorized individuals who are responsible for managing some form of compliance training. Granted based on having direct reports (as identified in "Report To" associations in Peoplesoft HR). Setups centrally managed through the Learning Solutions Group.
Assign one or more objectives to anyone that has an active SuNet ID. Assignors can also remove assignments they have previously made. Assign one or more objectives to any direct report or one level of indirect report. Supervisors can also remove assignments they have previously made. Assign to individual captured in Learner Groups that are mapped to one or more objectives.
View status of assignments for anyone having an active SuNet ID. View status of assignments for any or all direct reports and/or one level of indirect reports. Not applicable

Quick Guides

Use the quick guide links below to see common step-by-step processes for processing assignments.

Instructions for Setting Up Auto Assignments

Additional Information