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Assignor Quick Guide

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Below are common steps assignors use to process or view learner assignments.

1. Job Aid & Other Reference Documents Available

Download and print out the job aid and other reference materials found on the Resources page for Assignors.

2. Access the Assign Learning page

  1. Login through Axess
  2. Click on the Assign Learning menu item under the STARS menu

3. Lookup Learners

  1. Type either the Name or SuNet ID of an individual in the “Learner Name/SuNet ID” filter within the Learner section.
  2. Select the learner
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for adding additional learners

4. Select Objectives

  1. Under the "Objectives" section, use the “type to filter” field to narrow the list to relevant objectives
  2. Select the objectives to assign
  3. Enter a “Target Completion Date” or leave blank to compute a 30 day deadline

5. Process Assignments

  1. Confirm the Learners and Objectives selected (in gray) are correct for assignment
  2. Click the “Assign the Selected Objectives” button.  
  3. Review the confirmation screen and click the “Assign” button.

6. View Assignment Status

  1. Click the “View Assignments” button to see the assignment status.
  2. Review the Assign column for status of assignments.  "Met" assignments indicate training has been completed.