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Compliance Reporting

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Metrics-based reports have been designed for STARS Track providing clear statistics on compliance training statuses. Key managers and administrators who have been granted Compliance Reporting access can find out more information below about these reports. Compliance Reporters should be familiar with the Resources and FAQ sections of the STARS Track website.

Type of Reports

  • View Level Summary Reports: provide a metrics-level view of assigned training statuses.  Metrics can be clicked into to produce detailed reports by individual.
  • Detail Reports: provide relevant details by individual including contact information for follow-up.  Detail reports are produced either by clicking on a metrics from a View report or by running an Individual Details report.

Report Options

Below is a comparison of each view level summary report.

Objective View Summary

Provides metrics for an organization on a specific training objective. From School/VP levels, metrics can be expanded to sub-organization level levels by clicking on the Organization title.

Screenshot of objective view summary report
Organizational View Summary

Provide metrics for an organization across all training objectives that have at least one individual assigned to it.

Screenshot of organizational view report
Learner Group View Summary

Provides metrics for a group of individuals within a learner group population. Learner groups are useful to capture populations that do not fit within one specific organization or organizational hierarchy. Researchers working in a lab are an example of this.

Screenshot of learner group report
Individual Detail Report

Provides details of assignments by individual. Individual detail reports can be generated in context of a specific metrics from any View Summary report or by running the Individual Detail Report.

Screenshot of individual detail report

Quick Guide for Running Compliance Reports

Additional Information