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Overview of STARS Track

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Below are answers to common questions about STARS Track.  

What is STARS Track?

STARS Track is new functionality added to STARS which assigns to learners what required training courses they need to complete and by when. Most learners who conduct work at Stanford need to take certain required training courses to meet Stanford’s regulatory requirements or internal compliance standards.  Learners (for purposes here, defined as people who conduct work at Stanford) will be informed of their required training through STARS All Learning and email notifications.

Why is this needed?

Before STARS Track, STARS did not have the ability systematically handle required training assignments and track across a variety of compliance training areas. With the introduction of STARS Track, learners receive instructions on what to take through various channels and mediums (forms, emails, websites etc.). Tracking of learner progress is now much more efficient with the addition of reporting that compliance program staff can use to easily determine if learners are meeting their required training obligations. 

Who benefits from STARS Track?

The entire community of learners at Stanford can benefit from STARS Track. Here are reasons why:


  • Will be presented in a clear and timely manner required training assignments in one place, All Learning
  • Will receive timely notifications from one source of training assignments
  • Will no longer have to search for courses. Learners will be able to quickly enroll, schedule or launch training from All Learning.

Assignor (Supervisors and Other Responsible for Identifying Who Needs to Take Required Training)

  • Will have a common, easy to use platform to assign training in a consistent manner to learners
  • Will be able to quickly monitor how individuals are progressing on training assignments

Automatic Identification and Required Training

  • Some training requirements can be applied to anyone performing certain types of work. STARS Track can automatically assign this training to the appropriate learners, thus alleviating the need for any assignor to take actions on these.

Stanford Management

  • Will have the ability to run meaningful metrics-driven reports clearly showing statistics and details on required training progress

Who Is Using STARS Track?

STARS Track is presently being used by early adoption departments in School of Medicine and Dean of Research. A number of compliance programs from EHS, FMS, SoM, UHR and DoR have objectives set up in STARS Track for a number of core required training programs.

How can I find out more about STARS Track?

Please explore other sections of the STARS Track website which provide greater details about STARS Track.