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Grow and Perform

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Grow and Perform at Stanford (GPS) focuses on the value of ongoing, quality dialogue between a manager and employee to promote continual growth, development, alignment and enable individual and organizational performance success.

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My performance

Information, tools and resources to help guide and prepare you through the annual GPS performance management cycle.

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My team’s performance

Information and resources specific to a manager’s role in the GPS cycle and guiding their teams through the process.

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HR GPS support

Information and resources specific to the HR role, including how to support your area throughout the GPS cycle.

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GPS Approach

The GPS program is anchored in the growth mindset and embeds continuous improvement and growth language throughout three phases of performance management (Goal Setting, Check-Ins and Annual Review) to shift the performance conversation from a look back on what was or was not accomplished, to what is possible.

3 performance management phases

Phase 1: Goal Setting

Setting goals and competencies is a collaborative approach between an employee and their manager that results in clear, concrete and connected expectations to foster a partnership for a successful performance year.

Phase 2: Check-Ins

Two-way, open and frequent conversations between an employee and their manager help continue their partnership for success and provide opportunities to revisit priorities and calibrate goals.

Phase 3: Annual Review

Debriefing the performance year is an opportunity to summarize achievements against goals, responsibilities and competencies, celebrate successes and chart a tangible path forward based on accountability and growth.