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LinkedIn Learning for Core Competencies

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LinkedIn Learning includes courses/videos for learners that address competencies identified within the Stanford community. Use the free learning resources to develop your knowledge and skills!

Develops Self and Others

• Commitment to self growth

• Supports and encourages others to develop their knowledge

• Provides feedback in helping others

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Diversity and Inclusion

• Works effectively with a wide range of people

• Sets a culture that leverages differences and supports diversity

• Is respectful of people and their different values

• Encourages and values diverse points of view

• Inclusive hiring

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Fred Kofman on Making CommitmentsGeneral
Demonstrating Accountability as a LeaderIntermediate
Holding Your Team AccountableIntermediate
Holding Yourself AccountableBeginner
Building Accountability into Your CultureIntermediate
Driving Innovation: A Leader's Guide to Ownership and AccountabilityIntermediate
Fred Kofman on AccountabilityGeneral
Powerless to Powerful: Taking ControlGeneral
The Five Conversations That Deliver Accountability and PerformanceBeginner


Handling an Unruly AudienceGeneral
How to Manage Feeling OverwhelmedGeneral
Performing under PressureBeginner
Difficult Situations: Solutions for ManagersBeginner
Working with High-Conflict People as a ManagerIntermediate
Managing in Difficult TimesIntermediate
Coaching Employees through Difficult SituationsIntermediate


Working with High-Conflict People as a ManagerIntermediate
Dealing with Difficult People in Your OfficeBeginner
The Courage Habit (getAbstract Summary)General
Acting DecisivelyBeginner
Communicating about Culturally Sensitive IssuesIntermediate
Risk-Taking for LeadersIntermediate
Sallie Krawcheck on Risk-TakingGeneral

Develops Self and Others

Discovering Your StrengthsGeneral
Building Self-ConfidenceBeginner
Developing Self-AwarenessBeginner
Developing Your Emotional IntelligenceBeginner
Mastering Self-MotivationGeneral
Being the Best You: Self-Improvement ModelingGeneral
Cultivating a Growth MindsetGeneral
Developing a Learning MindsetGeneral
Developing Your Team MembersIntermediate
Building High-Performance TeamsIntermediate
Coaching and Developing EmployeesIntermediate
Motivating and Engaging EmployeesIntermediate
Be a Better Manager by Motivating Your TeamIntermediate
How Leaders Can Motivate Others by Creating MeaningIntermediate
Motivating Your Team to LearnBeginner
Creating a Culture of LearningBeginner
Delivering Employee FeedbackBeginner
Building a Coaching Culture: Improving Performance Through Timely FeedbackIntermediate
Using Feedback to Drive PerformanceGeneral
Asking for Feedback as an EmployeeGeneral

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion, and BelongingBeginner
Skills for Inclusive ConversationsGeneral
Developing a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ProgramIntermediate
Inclusive LeadershipIntermediate
Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngeloBeginner
Diversity and Inclusion in a Global EnterpriseAdvanced
Rolling Out a Diversity and Inclusion Training Program in Your CompanyIntermediate
Inclusion During Difficult TimesBeginner
Supporting the Whole Self at Work, a Diversity and Inclusion ImperativeGeneral
Inclusive MindsetBeginner
Recruiting VeteransIntermediate
Leading Inclusive TeamsGeneral
Managing a Diverse TeamIntermediate
Creating Psychological Safety for Diverse TeamsIntermediate
Adding Value through DiversityGeneral
Inclusive Mindset for Committed AlliesBeginner
Managing Multiple GenerationsIntermediate
Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our DifferencesGeneral
Cultivating Cultural Competence and InclusionGeneral
Communicating about Culturally Sensitive IssuesIntermediate
Fighting Gender Bias at WorkGeneral
Communicating Across CulturesGeneral
Bystander Training: From Bystander to UpstanderGeneral
Managing a Multigenerational WorkforceIntermediate
Managing Generation ZGeneral
Becoming a Male Ally at WorkGeneral
Multinational Communication in the WorkplaceBeginner
Teaching Civility in the WorkplaceBeginner
Fostering Belonging as a LeaderIntermediate
Social Interactions for Multinational TeamsGeneral
Managing Someone Older Than YouBeginner
Diversity RecruitingIntermediate
Attracting, Hiring, and Working with Gen ZIntermediate
Hiring, Managing, and Separating from EmployeesIntermediate

Empathy and Compassion

Communicating with EmpathyBeginner
Empathy at WorkIntermediate
How to Build Rapport QuicklyBeginner
Leading with Kindness and StrengthIntermediate
Managing Your Emotions at WorkGeneral
Developing Your Emotional IntelligenceBeginner
Leading with Emotional IntelligenceIntermediate
Learn Emotional Intelligence, the Key Determiner of SuccessBeginner
Employee EngagementAdvanced
Motivating and Engaging EmployeesIntermediate
Collaboration Principles and ProcessBeginner
Creating a Culture of CollaborationIntermediate
Increasing Collaboration on Your TeamGeneral
Creative CollaborationGeneral
Collaborative LeadershipIntermediate
Become a Super-CollaboratorBeginner

Positivity and Resilience

Cultivating a Growth MindsetGeneral
Subtle Shifts in Thinking for Tremendous ResilienceBeginner
Being Positive at WorkBeginner
Building ResilienceGeneral
Enhancing ResilienceGeneral
Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Option B: Building ResilienceGeneral
Building Resilience as a LeaderIntermediate
Handling Workplace Change as an EmployeeBeginner
Embracing Unexpected ChangeGeneral
How to Be an Adaptable Employee during Change and UncertaintyGeneral
Change Management FoundationsIntermediate
Leading ChangeAdvanced
Communicating in Times of ChangeIntermediate
Leading Your Team Through ChangeIntermediate
Creating a Culture of ChangeAdvanced
Change LeadershipIntermediate
A Manager's Toolkit for Supporting ChangeGeneral
Managing Organizational Change for ManagersIntermediate
Building Change Capability for ManagersBeginner
Advocating for Change in Your OrganizationBeginner
Leading Change in Large, Distributed OrganizationsIntermediate
How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change and UncertaintyIntermediate
Communicating Internally during Times of UncertaintyGeneral
Leading in Uncertain TimesIntermediate
Managing in Difficult TimesIntermediate
Leading in CrisisGeneral

Positive Work Environment

Creating a Positive and Healthy Work EnvironmentAdvanced
Being Positive at WorkBeginner
Well-being in the WorkplaceBeginner
Driving Workplace HappinessIntermediate
Gretchen Rubin on Creating Great Workplace HabitsGeneral
Communicating with TransparencyIntermediate
Communicating with EmpathyBeginner
Organization CommunicationGeneral
Starting a Memorable ConversationGeneral
Communicating with ConfidenceGeneral
Interpersonal CommunicationBeginner