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System and Program Updates

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Bookmark and check back on this page periodically as we'll use the space to continuously share enhancements to our GPS system and program.

Access the GPS system (login required)

Last updated July 14, 2023:

Enhancing the Goal Setting process

Based on your feedback, we have enhanced the goal-setting process. Once the employee saves their goal plan, their manager will be able to view their updated goals in GPS. A report is sent to the manager via email with any updates/newly added goals. Both manager and employee can add and or update goals throughout the review period by logging into the system. We highly recommend that goals are discussed and mutually agreed upon before entering them into the system.

1. employee and manager meet to agree on goals and competencies 2. employee enters goals into goal plan and submits for approval 3. manager receives email notification with goal plan details 4. employee manages goals and responsibilities during the review period

Here's what you'll see in the the email and system notifications:

screenshot of email notification to managers
This is the email and subject line managers will receive.
screenshot of GPS system showing manager a direct report's goals and competencies
This is the goal details notification that managers will receive.

Streamlined home screen navigation

The enhanced home screen allows easier and direct access to your team’s goals and performance. Complementing the home screen navigation, utilizing the My Team “Goals” and “My Team” options, you can have direct access, visibility, and approval capabilities for your teams’ goals.

screen grab of new enhanced home screen navigation
Overview of the enhanced home screen navigation, including the Manager Reports tab.

Streamlined navigation to my team

screen grab of My Team field
New enhanced streamlined navigation to view My Team field.

Enhanced Reporting

As a People Manager, you now have the ability to better understand and engage your staff in GPS by leveraging manager reports. In preparation for the upcoming performance review phase, it is recommended to utilize these system reports to understand status, details, and actions needed to complete.

screen grab showing enhanced reporting field
Two new Manager Reports are available for People Managers to view their staff's goals.

Once opened, you have the opportunity to evaluate the goal data between three reports:

  • Department Employee Goals - This report shows the count of all saved goals by department. 
  • Goal Plan Details - This report shows all saved goal details for your direct/indirect reports, including competencies.
  • Goals Across Organization - This report shows all saved goal plan details for your direct/indirect reports, and extrapolates into helpful tables and charts.