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PDSP Conversation Prep Tool for Managers

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The Professional Development Success Plan (PDSP) process is employee-led, in close partnership with the manager. The manager's role is to support your employee and help guide them through their thinking in regard to their development.

Help your employee by asking questions about their interests, coaching, and connecting the dots to opportunities that will benefit their professional goals as well as help them achieve their performance expectations. Use the following guide below to help prepare, conduct, and follow up on the professional development conversation. 

1. Preparing for the meeting

  • Review the employee’s Professional Development Success Plan (PDSP) and answer the questions in the PDSP Conversation Prep Tool (linked below).
  • Review the employee’s previous performance documents and goals. 
  • Think about the employee’s strengths, talents, and opportunities that might help the employee in their development.
  • Document notes in the PDSP Conversation Prep Tool.

2. During the Meeting

  • Understand the components of the PDSP. 
  • Listen to the employee and allow them to lead the conversation.
  • Provide feedback and help the employee connect their goals to the organization/department. 
  • Help generate development ideas such as stretch assignments and professional development courses the employee could take. 
  • Mutually agree on the next steps and schedule follow-up conversations.

3. After the Meeting

  • Provide resources and opportunities for your employee to accomplish their professional development goals. Direct them to professional development, LinkedIn Learning and leadership development opportunities such as Manager Forum. 
  • Help your employee keep track of progress during scheduled check-in meetings and provide coaching and guidance.  

Download the PDSP Conversation Prep Tool