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Community Opportunities Platform

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The Cardinal at Work Cares Community Opportunities Platform offers benefits-eligible Stanford faculty and staff a way to give back that matches your personal interests, skills, and goals. You’ll be able to find opportunities that jibe with your practical needs, too — things like site location, required time commitment, physical demands, and work environment. And you can share opportunities from organizations you personally support. Opportunities are offered both at Stanford and with external organizations.

Galaxy Digital’s platform, already in use at thousands of other organizations, including many colleges and universities, provides the framework. The platform has been vetted by Stanford for accessibility and privacy. See the Galaxy Digital privacy policy on their website.

Beyond volunteering

Once you dig into the platform, you’ll see ways to give back at Stanford and around our communities. For example, you may see opportunities to serve on a board, provide consulting services, or speak to a group. Given the amazing breadth of knowledge and experience reflected in our faculty and staff community, we’re asking benefiting organizations to think creatively about how you can contribute to their cause. Individual employees may also suggest an opportunity for inclusion on the platform.

The organizations and needs crowdsourced by fellow faculty and staff are not an exhaustive list and are provided as references to harness the power of individuals getting involved in the community. While every opportunity may not interest everyone, this platform is a community forum for employees to share and choose from diverse engagement opportunities for various causes they personally care about. Placement on the platform does not represent endorsement by Stanford.

Working remotely?

Not a problem. The platform accommodates opportunities outside of the Bay Area. Employees can populate the platform with organizations in other states, so remote employees have a chance to engage.

Why engage?

Together with the obvious gains for communities and benefiting organizations, mounting evidence shows that giving back confers numerous advantages to those who contribute their time and energy. You may explore new interests or find a new sense of purpose and emotional well-being. You may develop new skills or make new professional connections. Whatever your motivations for engaging, there are organizations that greatly need your assistance. It’s the quintessential win-win situation.

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