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Part 2: Racial Equity & Allyship

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An e-learning module and optional interactive virtual workshop help you build skills and practice how to change your workplace culture.

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E-learning: The Foundations of Racial Equity & Allyship

In Part 2 of the Learning Journey, you will engage with an e-learning module, The Foundations of Racial Equity and Allyship. This module offers an opportunity to explore how racial inequities and racism show up today, both on campus and in our communities, and what can be done to advance racial equity and belonging. 

Workshop: Equity & Allyship

All Learning Journey participants are encouraged to sign up for an Equity and Allyship Workshop. Join your peers to review foundations of racial equity, explore respectful ways to address instances of bias and inequity, and practice inclusive dialogue by understanding the difference between intention and outcome. 

Note: This workshop is optional and not required to complete the Learning Journey.

Managers: Your workshops are on the Manager Learning Journey details webpage

After Part 2 is completed

Self-assessment "retake"

After completing Part 2, you will be prompted to repeat the self-assessment (the same self-assessment you took at the beginning of your journey). 

Post-Workshop Survey

Your opinion matters! You'll receive an invitation to spend a few minutes completing a brief survey on self-paced learning to help improve the program.

How to get help throughout the Learning Journey

Please submit a help request (webauth required) for any support you may need for The IDEAL Learning Journey.

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