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The IDEAL Learning Journey is a flexible experience to help you build awareness and strengthen skills and abilities to apply positive approaches in your daily interactions, so we all feel a sense of inclusion and belonging with the following learning components. 

The journey begins with:

  • An orientation video
  • A self-assessment so you can gain insight to your own learning opportunities
  • E-learning modules

These learning components are followed by:

  • An e-learning module on Racial Equity and Allyship
  • An optional virtual workshop on Equity and Allyship
  • A variety of resources (e.g., articles, videos, podcasts) to support your learning at any time

Please note that the orientation and e-learning modules are necessary components to complete the Learning Journey.

Part 1: Orientation & Implicit Bias

1.1 Orientation (25 min)

The IDEAL Learning Journey Orientation

1.2 Pre-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

1.3 e-learning (time varies)

1.3.1 e-learning: Implicit Bias and Its Impact (60 min)
1.3.2 e-learning: Debiasing Techniques (60 min)
1.3.3 e-learning: Managing Bias in Hiring (60 min) for people managers only


Part 2: Racial Equity & Allyship

2.1 E-learning: The Foundations of Racial Equity & Allyship (1 hour)

2.2 The IDEAL Learning Journey Workshop: Equity & Allyship (2 hours)

2.3 Post-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

2.4 Survey: The IDEAL Learning Journey (5 min)