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IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee Updates

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The IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee is working on many initiatives and projects in partnership with university leaders. Here are updates about our work. 

2022/23 Projects and Initiatives

Throughout FY23, the committee is learning about DEIB initiatives, programs, services, and support from many campus groups. The goal for this listening and discovery time is to gather information, especially for the new committee members who began in the fall quarter, which will inform and shape future priorities for staff. Plans are not yet in place for FY24.

Groups during FY23 included: 

  • UHR-Employee & Labor Relations; discussion about employee relations processes 
  • UHR-Benefits; discussion about benefits to support greater inclusion
  • Talent Management & Workforce Strategy; discussion about The IDEAL Learning Journey, the Inclusive Talent Acquisition program, and HR Empathy training
  • Faculty Development, Diversity & Engagement; discussion about faculty DEIB initiatives
  • Office of Community Engagement; discussion on vision of office and DEIB initiatives
  • UHR-Employee Support Programs & Services; discussion of vision of current and planned initiatives 
  • Institutional Equity, Access, and Community; a review of the IDEAL Goals, Objectives, and Strategies that emerged from the IDEAL DEI Survey results and associated feedback
  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs; discussion of the task force process focused on students with disabilities, endowments for community centers, and other current projects
  • Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Scholars; discussion of various initiatives underway, including in the Inclusion, Community, and Integrative Learning area. For postdocs, the PRISM (Postdoctoral Recruitment Inclusion in Science & Medicine) program was reviewed
  • UHR-DEIB presentations on employee data
  • Updates from the Black Community Council and the Community Board on Public Safety