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Refreshed workshop for your IDEAL Learning Journey

Make connections via an enhanced optional IDEAL Learning Journey workshop.

Beginning in March, a new workshop option that explores equity and allyship will be offered on a monthly basis for IDEAL Learning Journey participants. 

On February 19, The IDEAL Learning Journey launched multiple program updates, including a refreshed optional virtual workshop experience for participants. In Part 2 of the Learning Journey, after completing a Racial Equity and Allyship e-learning module, participants are invited to enroll in a virtual, interactive workshop for deeper learning about equity and allyship. 

During this optional Equity and Allyship Workshop, participants will join peers to review the foundations of racial equity, explore respectful ways to address instances of bias and inequity and practice inclusive dialogue by understanding the difference between intention and outcome. 

The optional Equity and Allyship Workshop will be offered monthly, with sessions currently scheduled from March to August 2024. Registration and workshop offering details are now available via STARS. Additional workshop offerings will be offered based on demand.

For more details about The IDEAL Learning Journey, visit Cardinal at Work.

Details about The IDEAL Learning Journey


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